- Ekidoren -


We are nationally recognized federation aiming at the developing and correct understanding of the I-Ching under the spirit of mutual aid succeeding the wisdom of the I-Ching

- Our Idea -


Through the I-Ching, we make our future bright and the world nourish.

- Purpose -



We are promoting each sole proprietor’s social/economic profit and social status through the social/economic activities. We are nationally recognized federation to acquire the social status same as lawyer, judicial scrivener, SMEMC, etc. and to aim to get the correct recognition in the society as an expert of business.

- The I-Ching -

真の易というのは64卦が織りなす、壮大な象徴体系です。すなわち、この64卦は、我々が生きているこの大宇宙そのものなのであり、その大宇宙のダイナミックな動きとしての〈時〉をも象徴する、正に偉大な象徴体系なのです。それ故、易学というのは、この64卦に込められた、壮大でダイナミックな、古代の 英知の集約なのです。

その結果として、今までなら迷っていた、さまざまな物事の判断が、迷うことなく、明晰に決断することが可能となり、その延長として、周囲の人の悩み ごとの相談にも、親身になって、しかし的確に応じてあげることが出来るようになるのです。そもそもこれこそが「占い」の本質であると考えます。

When one would hear the I-Ching, usually he/she would think about a fortunetelling. Then it would be natural that one would take eighty four hexagrams as merely tokens of the fortunetelling. However it is just a part of the whole I-Ching philosophical system.
The true I-Ching is a great symbolism of eighty four hexagrams. Namely the eighty four hexagrams are the universe itself in which we are living and the system of the symbolization of “time” as a movement of it. Therefore the I-Ching is a magnificent and dynamic gem of an archaic wisdom. That is to say to learn the I-Ching as a disciplined system is to learn this magnificent and dynamic gem of an archaic wisdom.
Consequently we can make up our minds clearly on about the things which have been deluding us long time, and by extension we can give counsel sincerely and clearly to the others. This is the fundamental of the I-Ching.

- Medicine and the I-Ching intrinsically the same -

医学と易学を“同源”であるとする思想は、決して珍しいものではありません。“医易同源”と言われる通り、医学と易学(占術)は、もともと本質的に同様の人間的いとなみでした。寧ろいわゆる“医易学”として、医学と易学の双方において明確にその位置を占める、謂わば基本概念だったのです。かくして易学と医学 は、切っても切れない関係にあり、あたかも同一のコインの両面の如き関係にあるものだったのです。




それには先ず、的確な占術の腕前の体得が必要不可欠です。そして同時に、それを医学・医療の分野で敷衍するための正しい知識が求められます。そのよ うな皆さんのために、易道連では占術家の皆さんのための医学講座も開いています。病気と闘い、かつそれと付き合って生きてゆく方々の指針となれるよう務めたいと思います。

It has been naturally recognized that the traditional Chinese medicine and the I-Ching are intrinsically the same significance. Both are fundamentally the same human activity. They are like the two faces of one penny, initially one entity.
However these days they are separated obviously, then only medical doctors can answer the patients’ worries (diseases), and the I-Ching scholars/experts cannot.
It goes without saying that we cannot talk about the others’ diseases or death. But at the same time it is too much rigid to answer the patients merely in the medical ways without any human notion in which the patients can only be worried themselves.
It is the I-Ching scholars/experts that should answer those people who are in the midst of their worrying.
So that they may answer the clients they should practice themselves to embody the Tao of the I-Ching. And at the same time the expertise in the field of medicine and philosophy is inevitable. So we are offering a series of the I-Ching medical course for them in order to show the clients/patients how they live along the diseases not to fight against them.


名称協同組合 易道事業連盟(Business cooperative Japan I-Chinng Federation )
設立月日平成29年11月(Nov., 2017)
認可行政経済産業省 関東経済産業局(jurisdiction: Ministry of economics and industries)
代表理事理事長 杉本蘭華 (the Chair of the board of trustees  SUGIMOTO, Ranka)
喜多敏明 (辻仲病院柏の葉 漢方未病治療センター)
舘野正美 (日本大学)
塚本晴二朗 (日本大学)
藤井倫明 (九州大学)
山田利明 (東洋大学)

易道連顧問(学術部門・国外・arbitary order/順不同)
ジョン・リー・シュローダー (カリフォルニア州立大学ノースリッジ校)
鄭吉雄 (香港教育大学)
陳威瑨 (国立台湾大学)
李昌壹 (韓国学中央研究院)
業種易断業(the I-Ching divination)
a federation making academic researches on the philosophy and its activities concerning to the philosophy of the I-Ching (including the other divinations, and Japanese Onmyodo) under the supervisors of experts, university professors, etc.

- Certification system -




Those who are recognized that have acquired the I-Ching divination ability under the EKIDOREN education system and certificated to be independent appraisers are to be registered as EKIDOREN registered appraiser.

- Educational activity -


We are organizing conferences, lectures, and training sessions in order to polish up members’ social economical activities and their academic level of the I-Ching.

- Award system -


We are commending those meritorious who rendered a lot of services to the federation and our activities.

- Call for clients -


We are waiting for your call on this field of the I-Ching business. Trying to make you happy with smile every day.